Frequently Asked Questions

Rules and Regulations

Q.         Is there a procedure I must follow before executing exterior improvements to my property?

A.         Yes, approval must be granted by the Architecture Covenants & Compliance committee (ACC) prior to executing any improvements. Approval is based on the covenants, rules & regulations for the community. A copy of these documents can be found by clicking on the H.O.A. documents button. Upkeep tasks don’t require approval if you are replacing the old with the same color and design. Example, a new front door would not need approval if the new one is the same style and color. Approval would be necessary if a different style or color is selected.

Q.         How long does it take to get approval?

A.         A maximum of 45 days.

Q          How do I apply for approval?

A.         Submit an application. A copy of the application can be found by clicking on the H.O.A. document button.

Q.         What if I have a building permit from the city or county?

A.         You must receive approval from the ACC before you can begin any exterior work.

Q.         Who are the ACC members?

A.         They are homeowners of Tall Oaks Crossing.

Q.         What is a “drive through”?

A.         This function is provided by the ACC at least once a year. The purpose is to confirm that all households are in compliance with the covenants and regulations to keep the community clean, attractive and maintain good property value. Members of the committee drive through the community observing all properties.

Q.         What happens if someone is out of compliance?

A.         They will receive a letter from our management company identifying the violation. The letter will also indicate the length of time allowed for that violation to be corrected.

Q.         What if the time to make the correction isn’t long enough?

A.         The homeowner may request an extension through Bader Management.

Q.         What happens if the homeowner doesn’t comply?

A.         The homeowner may be fined. The Board may initiate other legal action if the homeowner refuses to comply.

Q.         Does anyone else other than the ACC “drive through” the community for this purpose?

A.         Yes, our management company does so at least once a month.

Q.         Can I put a fence in my front yard?

A.         No.

Q.         How can I find out what the specific guidelines, covenants, & regulations are?

A.         This information can be found by clicking on H.O.A. document button and scrolling to the topic of interest.

Q.         Why is there portable basketball equipment instead of permanent ones in the community?

A.         Permanent goals/equipment is against the rules & regulations. Portable equipment is accepted with specific guidelines. Guidelines can be located by clicking on the H.O.A. document button.

Q.         How early can I mow my lawn or use any power tools outside my house?

A.         The acceptable time is 9:00 a.m.

Q.         Is there a noise ordinance in this community?

A.         Yes. This ordinance is mandated by the City of Bowie. More details are available at the city’s website www.cityofbowie.org. Click on Government and select Charter & City Code from the drop down menu.

Q.         What happens if a resident violates the noise ordinance?

A.         Any resident has the authority to report the noise to the police as disturbing the peace.

Q.         Must my dog be on a leash when I walk him?

A.         Yes. This ordinance is mandated by the City of Bowie. Persons in violation may be reported by any resident. More details are available at the city’s website www.cityofbowie.org.  Click on government and select Community Service from the drop down menu.

Q.         How do you control the speed on Pin Oak Parkway and Peachtree Lane?

A.         The police patrol the area unannounced & write speeding tickets.

Q.         Can I cut down a tree in my yard?

A.         Approval must be obtained from the ACC if the tree measures at least eight (8) inches in diameter at ground level.

Q.         Can I park my RV or boat in my driveway or in front of my house?

A.         No. All recreational vehicles are prohibited. For more specific information click on the H.O.A. document button. Scroll to rules & regulations document.

Q.         Are commercial vehicles allowed to park on the street overnight or in the driveway?

A.         No. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking overnight.

Q.         Do I need approval for temporary changes to the exterior of my house i.e. awnings?

A.         Yes. Any alteration to the exterior of the dwelling, permanent or temporary must be approved by the ACC prior to execution.

Q.         Does this include changing the landscape in my front yard?

A.         If the original design of the landscape is changed (not the plants), approval is necessary.

Q.         Can I be fined for not cutting my lawn?

A.         Yes.

Q.         Can I throw the clippings in the woods behind my house?

A.         No.

Q.         Do renters/lessees have to abide by the covenants/rules & regulations of the community?

A.         Yes.

Q.         Why do we all have to pay H.O.A. fees?

A.         These fees pay for the upkeep of common areas, equipment, the management company and all bills of the community.

Q.         Are board members paid from these fees?

A.         All board & committee members are volunteers. They are not paid.

Q.         What consequences would incur if I become delinquent with paying?

A.         Legal action can be pursued i.e. fines or lien on the property.

Q.         What is a common area?

A.         These are specific areas in the community designated for all residents to use & enjoy. The tot lots, hiker/biker paths, playground & picnic areas, the entrance, and tennis courts are common areas.

Q.         Do I have to support these areas if I don’t use them?

A.         Yes, common areas are supported by all residents whether you use them or not.


Q.         Are there any committees in the community?

A.         Yes. The three committees are (1) Grounds & Landscaping, (2) Architectural Covenants & Compliance (ACC) and (3) Community Affairs.

Q.         How do you join?

A.         You may join at any time by contacting the board through the community’s email toc315homes@yahoo.com. You will be put in touch with the chairperson for that  committee or board liaison.

Q.         What are the requirements?

A.         You must be a resident of Tall Oaks Crossing. No expertise in any field is required.

Q.         Are there any term limits?

A.         Volunteers serve 2 year terms.  There is no limit on the number of  two year terms the volunteer can serve.

Q.         Is Neighborhood Watch a committee?

A.         It is a subsidiary of Community Affairs.

Q.         Do only members of Neighborhood Watch report criminal activity?

A.         No. Any resident is urged to report criminal activity to the police.

Q.         Are there other subsidiaries of Community Affairs?

A.         Yes. Block Captains and Information Technology (IT) are subsidiaries.

Q.         What are Block Captains?

A.         Block Captains are persons that disseminate information to their assigned street. The information has come from the Board of Directors.

Q.         How do Block Captains receive their information?

A.         A Block Captain Coordinator disseminates information to Block Captains?

Q.         Do you have to be a Block Captain in order to be the coordinator?

A.         No.

Q.         How often is information disseminated?

A.         It varies. It can be from three times to none a year. The need occurs when time sensitive information must be given to residents.

Q.         How can I find out who is my block Captain?

A.         Click on the Directory button and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Q.         What is the maximum number of members for each committee?

A.         There is no limitation of members.

Q.         What is the function of the ACC?

A.         This committee approves or rejects applications for exterior changes to the dwelling   or property. They also drive through the community at least once a year to check that dwellings are in compliance with the covenants, rules & regulations of the community.

Q.         How often do the committees meet?

A.         It varies by committee. The chairperson of any committee would be able to give you specific information of frequency and location of all meetings. Chairpersons can be contacted through the community’s email toc315homes@yahoo.com.

Q.         What does the Community Affairs committee do?

A.         This committee sponsors activities for the community. Examples of some of the activities are (1) landscape contest in the summer and (2) best decorated house during Christmas season. The committee also provides a quarterly community newsletter.

Q.         What is the IT subsidiary responsible for?

A.         Monitoring email and website for the community are the responsibilities of IT.

Q.         How would a resident submit an article or information to be printed in the newsletter?

A.         Use the community email toc315homes@yahoo.com. The submitted information will be screened by the board prior to publication.

Q.         Is there a limit to the number of committees a resident can serve on?

A.         No.

Q.         Do committee chairs have any responsibility to the Board of Directors?

A.         Yes. The committee chairs report to the community at the annual meeting held in September and reports the status of their committees at the board meetings held Feb-June, Oct. and Nov. of each year.

Q.         What is the function of Grounds & Landscaping committee?

A.         This committee is responsible for identifying common areas in the community that have problems with existing foliage or its general appearance and condition need work. The information gathered is forwarded to our Landscaping Company for correction. Some years the committee also decorates the front entrance during the Christmas season.

Recreation Area/Equipment

Q.         How can I gain access to the tennis courts?

A.         You may purchase a key from Bader Management for a one time fee of $20. The key opens the tennis court and parking lot chains.

Q.         What rules govern the tennis courts?

A.         Some of the rules are: (1) use court during day light only, (2) close door when leaving court, (3) use of wheeled riding equipment i.e. tricycles, scooters, skates, etc. are prohibited, and (4) leave court clean and free of balls. Other rules can be located by clicking on the H.O.A. documents button, scroll to the title of interest.

Q.         What is the age for using the tot lots?

A.         Tot Lot equipment is constructed for small children up to 5 years of age or under 50 pounds.

Q.         How many tot lots are there?

A.         There are two tot lots. One is on Pin Oak Parkway and the other on Peachtree Lane.

Q.         Is an appointment needed to use the tennis courts?

A.         No.

Q.         Can I put an above ground pool in my back yard?

A.         Only children pools are acceptable. Size & water limitation can be located under Rules & Regulations by clicking on the H.O.A. button.

Q.         Is permission needed to fish in the lake?

A.         No.

Q.         Is the lake only for Tall Oaks Crossing residents?

A.         No. The lake is owned by the City of Bowie and is therefore open to the public.

Q.         Are any other recreational equipment or areas open to the public?

A.         No. All other equipment (playgrounds, tennis courts) and areas (picnic, hiker/biker trails) are for Tall Oaks Crossing residents only. These areas/equipment are maintained through H.O.A. fees.

Q.         Is it permissible to walk your dog on the hiker/biker trail?

A.         Yes. The owner should have a pooper scooper with them.

Q.         Are the hiker/biker trails lit?

A.         No.

Q.         Are the white lines on Pin Oak Pkwy bikers’ lanes?

A.         No. They are a traffic calming method to reduce speed.